Holiday Extravaganza

Christmas cheer, but what should I even wear?

With the holiday cheer at full swing and Christmas just ‘round the corner, there’s an underlying layer of tension in the air. In the wake of upcoming Christmas parties, New Year dinners, and anticipation of a new year, new self, confusion and panic will surely set in- after all, one must look their best at all times, but their 120% at this time of the year.

And fret not, for we have got you! Impress friends, family and yourself with this lookbook, featuring jewellery from SilverIshq. For more such finds, be sure to check our website!

A butterfly welcome

The first theme is butterflies! Made with 925 Sterling Silver and weighing 2.55 gms, this beautiful purple butterfly will look lovely paired with a lavender or violet dress. Charming and elegant, this bracelet will bring any dress to life.

Pair Belle- the Butterfly Bracelet with a matching butterfly ring- the Winged Bella Rose Gold. Weighing 1.65 gms, this beautiful, adjustable ring will tie the whole look together perfectly.

The last item on the butterfly checklist is the Rose Gold Butterfly Bling Earring. Made with 925 sterling silver, this triple butterfly combo will make you look- and feel- as ethereal as it gets.

Reaching to the stars, and then some

The theme for our next lookbook is stars and patterns! These bring a distinct sense of whimsy and fun to any look, but can be passed off as elegant and dainty in the next.

Starting with our star item- the Triple Starlight Earring- is inspired by Korean clothing. The radiant rose gold polish adds glamour and exudes confidence. It is made of 925 sterling silver and weighs 3.23 gms.

If three dangly stars feels a little too much, you may swap it out for the Star Threader Earring.

Next, the Wanderlust Rose Gold Ring features an aeroplane, made for those who desire to touch the stars. It is rose gold, which adds elegance and charm, and is adjustable to fit any and all sizes, so not to worry!

Lastly, a bracelet to tie it all together. The Floral Harmony Rose Gold Bracelet continues on the trend of jewellery with rose gold polish. The delicate four petal clover symbolises good luck, faith, hope, and love- all what’s needed to achieve any dream you might have for the new year.

All the 3 designs are made with pure 925 sterling silver.


If confidence and boldness are your goals for your ‘fits, consider these pieces!

Starting with the Bold and Beautiful Link Ring, again adjustable to a tee in a rose gold colour is our first statement piece. This chunky Cuban chain inspired piece is the first step to what you want to achieve- bold.

Lastly, the Old Money Gold Hoop Earring is another chunky piece, in the colour gold. Made with 925 sterling silver, these weigh 7.47 gms and match the ring perfectly. Its inside out CZ studded design adds a feel of luxury to any look.

Special Mentions

We’re ending this list with pops of colour and beauty with the Pink Cluster Earring and the Azure Floral Pendant. If these strike your fancy, be sure to check the website for more such pieces!

Alas, we’re at the end of our list, but the holidays have just begun. Enjoy, blaze, and have fun dressing up the way you like- don’t be afraid to mix match patterns and designs. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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