Ten Most Trending Silver Jewellery For Women In 2023

Hop on the trend for the classiest and most elegant silver jewellery designs for women for this festive season, all within affordable prices and amazing discounts.

As we experiment more with fashion and trends, we have found one common truth: accessorising is key! From matching earrings to dainty, chic rings, jewellery is the best way to accentuate your ‘look’ effortlessly- and what better way to do that than with silver and its timelessness? With preparations for the festive (and oftentimes, favourite) part of the year around the corner, there’s no better time than this to treat yourself or a loved one to silver jewellery pieces and trends finding their place in recent times.

1. Chic Much?

Open rings have been in trend for a few years now, and we suspect they’re well on their way to become a classic. Celebrate your inner chic with the Minimalist Open Band with Cz for a perfect ring to draw attention of those who know where to look. Not only is it such a unique and versatile jewellery design, this 925 sterling silver ring also comes with rhodium polish for some additional brilliant shine.

2. Symbolising Everlasting Love

Band rings are so versatile they can just about match any aesthetic, and this one is not an exception. The Infinity Band Ring, truly a symbol of eternal and everlasting love, is a perfect gift for those you adore. The unique juxtaposition of the timelessness of love and bands currently being on trend is another fun touch!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, be sure to check out the gifting section on Silverishq, and follow us for more updates. We have handpicked authentic 925 silver jewels for any and each type of woman around you, and believe that you’ll truly be able to find a jewellery design a loved one would adore.

3. Elegance at its Peak

Keeping up with the trend of open jewellery, this Cluster Open Bracelet adds elegance to any look. Studded with shining crystals of many shapes, this dainty bracelet works for just about any occasion.

For more such silver bracelet designs for women, hop on to the bracelets page on the SilverIshq website to filter out the bracelet suited perfectly for your needs.

4. Inner Beauty

Self love and inner beauty shine as bright as gemstones. Swans, widely recognised as the symbol of love and grace, are perfect to be the next item on this list. This Crowned Swan Pendant is specially crafted keeping self love in mind- that as the end of the year dawns upon us, no matter whatever happens, we will cherish and put ourselves first.

5. Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You

We cannot speak of trending jewels this year without mentioning pearls, and the Anandita Pearl Earring is our personal top pick. Made with stunning 925 silver sterling, the intricate and unique leaf pattern complete with the gold polish finish give this earring a really sophisticated and elegant look.

Speaking of pearls, this Rose Gold Pearl Prism Pendant is yet another unique, stylish piece. Its versatility is remarkable- if you want something to match the Anandita Pearls with, this is a good pick!

If you’re ever on the lookout for trends even in the future, Silverishq has a whole section dedicated to current trends that you might want to check out. They also have lots of discounts and offers available at almost all times of the year, and with shipping being free and prices so affordable, we hope you’ll find something that suits your jewellery needs!

6. Statement Sets, Here We Come

If you’re not a fan of having to mix and match your accessories everyday to find the perfect match (or just don’t have the time for it, we understand) the Aura Crystal Necklace Set might just be what you’re looking for. Complete with a matching pair of earrings, the necklace’s brilliant shine will make you stand out- and not just for your stellar sense of fashion.

SilverIshq’s collection of silver necklaces and silver earrings (made of pure 925 silver) are ideal for both daily and party wear.

7. The Season of Pink

After Barbie raged all over the internet, there was a distinct (and deserved!) rise to pink fashion, with jewellery being no exception. If you’re looking to get into adding more pink into your wardrobe and your life, the Pink and White Bangles are a great starting point!

If instead your preference is a purely piece, the same is available too!

If pink is not your pick, there are many more coloured jewellery designs available for you to choose from.

8. The Season of Pink, Part Two

Can’t wear a pink bracelet without having a ring to compliment it, can you? The Bloom Powder Pink Flower Ring is sure to make such a statement to any ethnic aesthetic. A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady; this will give you the confidence to own the world.

Before we go to the last pick on the list, we have an honorary mention for all those who love a pop of colour in their outfit. With green having been on trend for a while now, the Nitara Earrings are a very bold, beautiful pick to add an extra oomph to not only any ethnic dress, but also for more fusion based aesthetics.

9. Heart on My Hand

Ever heard the saying “wearing [her] heart on her sleeve”? Similar to it, the Sheer Heart Ring, specially made for daily use is not only a captivating addition to your collection but also signifies the purity in one’s heart. Heavily recommended for those who prefer minimalist jewellery.

Minimalism is making big talk in the market recently, and we have you covered.

10. Of Wisdom and Serenity

With the Virgo season well underway, what better than to end it on a note of celebration? With their birthstone as Sapphire, find more and more blue (and within budget) jewels to gift your favourite Virgos. Our personal pick is the Dangle the Heart Earring, whose high quality blue Swaroski stone will add sparkle to birthdays and celebrations, making them even more memorable.


And that concludes the list! As sad as it is to stop with the recommendations, we think it's a good enough place to have you get started on the latest trends of the year. The hunt for good silver jewellery never really ends, does it?

Whether you’re a lover of dainty and delicate looking bracelets or chunky, statement earrings, we hope you’ll go home with something you like by the end of this list.
On display, we have:

Minimalist Open Band with Cz, Rs 1,199
Infinity Band Ring, Rs 4,199
Cluster Open Bracelet, Rs 4199
Crowned Swan Pendant, Rs 1999
Aura Crystal Necklace Set, Rs 3599
Sheer Heart Ring, Rs 1199
Pink and White Bangles, Rs 8099
Bloom Powder Pink Flower Ring, Rs 4699
Dangle the Heart Earring, Rs 6299

Beyond the trend, however, we hope we will be able to leave you with a piece of jewellery that’s timeless for you. As fleeting as trends might be, wearing what you love will forever be precious.


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