Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Because your loved one(s) deserve all the jewellery in the world, and then some.

With Valentine's week rapidly approaching, along with love we are starting to find the signs of mild anxiety in the air. Appreciating a loved one requires not only words, but also action, and the art of gift giving has truly bested many in the years that have passed- until now. We really hope that you take away not only presents for your partner but also valuable lessons in the art of preparing gifts. Good luck in your journey, and may it come to an end by the end of this article.

What better way to start the list of Valentines’ gift recommendations than rings? Whether it be promise rings in hope for the future or yet another simple reminder of your love, rings are a great way to not only add style and elegance to your daily wear but also help serve as a constant reminder of a loved one.

Rings of promise and dreams of the future

Starting with the Love Knot Rose Gold Ring - with a beautiful love knot design on it- is a top choice for a promise ring. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, this rose gold ring is stunning alone or stacked with other, similar jewellery.

Next up on the carousel is the Rose Bud Adjustable Ring, which, as the name suggests, is adjustable to fit all sizes. It is in the colour rose gold and can be paired with soft, pastel dresses to make it fit its overall romantic theme.

Bracelets as a timeless show of affection

Bracelets are another staple jewellery item used for valentine gift giving, and an underrated one at that. The Golden Affection Link Bracelet is a dainty chain bracelet with gold heart charms. It can be used to elevate more casual looks or add on to a date night. Made of 920 Sterling Silver, it exudes timeless charm and elegance.

Another such pick can be the Whispering Love Rose Gold Bracelet. Crafted in 925 silver, the unique hollow heart design in the rose gold colour enhances any outfit at its core, be it casual or not. The versatility of this bracelet allows you to wear it at any possible occasion- from a casual outing to a formal dinner, it has got you covered.

Pendants, elegant and classic

Out first pick is the Glowing Flutter Silver Pendant in the colour gold. Akin to a butterfly flying away, this piece exudes sophistication and also may serve as a reminder to follow one’s dreams. It is certainly a beautiful and thoughtful piece, and is made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Yet another design could be the Golden Classic Heart Pendant with Chain. For more such items, make sure to visit the SilverIshq website.

Now, we’re celebrating the 10th of February, Teddy Bear Day, with the Teddy’s Heartbeat Gold Pendant. Available in two colour choices, gold and rose gold, this pendant crafted with 925 Sterling Silver brings unique charm and authenticity to any look. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. You can style it with an equally charming, fun outfit or in contrast with an evening gown.

To celebrate the 7th of February, let's gift our loved ones a flower that never withers away. Shop SilverIshq's flower selection for the perfect gift, with our top pick being Afreen Handcrafted Choker Set. Made of 925 Sterling Silver in the colour Gold, this is the perfect pick for adding festive allure and adding elegance to any outfit.

With this, we end our personally curated list, but if you still haven't found the gift of your dreams, follow the links to browse on the SilverIshq website instead. In the end, what matters is that the present you gift to a partner or a loved one is as caring, thoughtful and overflowing with love as you’d imagined it to be, and hopefully we’ve made gift giving a little less daunting. Happy Valentines!

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